Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance can include protection for your passenger, as well as loss of income coverage should you become unable to work due to an accident. We can also include coverage for accessories such as chrome and saddle bags.

Passenger Protection     
• Enhanced medical payments and protection for a passenger on a motorcycle.
• Protects your passenger in the event of bodily injury resulting from an

Accessory Protection
• Additional coverage to pay for damage to motorcycle accessories like custom
   exhaust, add on chrome, saddle bags, etc.

Yearly lay-up credit
• Some companies give credit for either a 4-month or 6-month lay-up (winter)
   when the motorcycle is in storage and not being used.

Did You Know?
Drive offensively to be safe. Always assume a car can pull into your lane. Maintain a maneuvering cushion around yourself.

Good tires are cheap insurance.
The better the tires, the safer you are.

Ride like you are invisible and others can’t see you.
This is a good practice.
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