Homeowners Insurance

We help you understand what your home insurance actually protects. We work closely with you to create a customized policy that meets all of your needs, including options beyond the standard homeowner’s coverage.

Bundle Home & Auto Insurance
• Combining home and auto is one way to keep your insurance costs down.

Water and Sewer Backup
• Protects your finished basement as well as your washer, dryer and furnace
   in the event of water backup. (Water and sewer backup is not flood 

Additional Replacement Cost
• Protects you if the cost to rebuild your home exceeds your expectations.

Ordinance of Law
• Protects you if the local building codes require you update systems after a
   claim is made and repairs are being made to your home.

Refrigerated Goods
• Covers a loss of refrigerated, frozen goods usually due to loss of power.
• Perfect for people with deep freezers in their homes.

Replacement Roof Costs
• Recommended if you recently put a new roof on your house, this coverage
   replaces the roof in the event of a claim, with no depreciation.

Replacement Cost Content
• Replacement cost for your personal property.

Trees and Shrubs
• Provides reimbursement for damage or loss to trees and shrubs.

Detached structures
• Provides additional structures such as garages, sheds, and gazebos.

Special Items
• Extra coverage for valuables such as jewelry, guns, securities, etc.

Did You Know?
Do you have a finished basement? Water and sewer backup should be added to a home policy.

Additional structures may be underinsured. If you have additional structures you will want to make sure there is adequate coverage for them.

Home improvements are often overlooked. These should be discussed with your agent to ensure adequate coverage.

A common mistake is insufficient liability coverage. Additional coverage is inexpensive and can protect you in the event of a lawsuit.
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