Umbrella Policies - Personal

An Umbrella Policy supplements your basic liability policies, such as auto, home or renter’s insurance. It goes into effect once liability limits on other policies have been met.

An Umbrella Policy provides additional coverage above the limits of your basic policies. It can also provide coverage for claims that are not covered by other policies.
• When bodily injury and property damage liability claims exceed policy limits,
   the umbrella policy kicks in.
• If your personal auto policy has a restriction on coverage outside the United
   States and you have an accident in your rental car, an Umbrella Policy may
   cover your liability.

An Umbrella Policy protects your assets against potential lawsuits.
• If your defense costs exceed your standard liability coverage, the Umbrella
   Policy provides coverage.
• If the wronged party is awarded more than your standard liability coverage,
   the umbrella insurance begins to pay out where liability leaves off.

An Umbrella Policy covers dog bites under most circumstances.
• If you have dog bite coverage on your homeowners’ policy, the Umbrella
   Policy kicks in if costs exceed your liability coverage.
• If your homeowners’ policy does not cover dog bites, it can be included in an
   Umbrella Policy.

An Umbrella Policy is a wise investment if you own rental property. It can provide protection if:
• A third party sues for damages your tenant causes.
• A tenant or visitor is injured on the property.
• A former tenant with a key burglarizes an apartment.

An Umbrella Policy will insure you for libel and slander whereas most homeowners’ policies will not without an added endorsement.

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