Garagekeeper's & Dealer Insurance

Garagekeeper’s and Dealership Insurance is specifically designed for service stations and dealerships. It is one component of commercial insurance that provides protection specific to the unique characteristics of these types of businesses.

Garagekeeper’s and Dealership Insurance provides coverage for:
• Damage to customer's vehicles while in the insured’s care, custody or 
• Personal property of others including mechanic's tools.
• Mechanic's mistakes and liability.
• Equipment breakdown and loss of business.

It protects your building and property including:
• Business property used in daily operations.
• Theft and damage to vehicles and equipment.
• Fire liability coverage for leased space.

It also provides coverage for:
• Customer and employee property that is in your care, custody and control.
• Medical payments for mishaps to customers.

Did You Know?
Garagekeeper’s Insurance is generally written with a policy limit based upon the maximum replacement value of customer's vehicles in your control at any given point in time. Any damages covered would be subject to a deductible similar to a personal auto policy.
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