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7 Reasons a Dedicated Independent Insurance Agent is Best

By April 30, 2019May 23rd, 2019No Comments

Why is better to work with an independent Insurance Agent? This subject gets brought up frequently especially in the era of online, serve yourself, insurance which we refer to as carrier direct. So, what makes us better?

  1. As independent agents, we carry the responsibility to be your advocate. We must put your interests first over our own and the insurance companies. While we get paid by the insurance companies, we work for you.
  2. A captive agent or agency can only offer coverage through one company. This is very limiting. Consider that every company has its own risk tolerance and preferred markets. If you fall out of this target area the premium will be high or they simply can not offer you coverage. As an independent agent, we shop! We have access to dozens if not hundreds of companies. This is incredibly empowering. We can find the right company for your risk and because of that premium is very competitive.
  3. With vast market access, we are prepared to weather market storms. As companies ebb and flow in the market, we can maneuver and keep our clients perfectly positioned for maximum protection at minimum cost.
  4. While it seems like a great idea purchasing insurance online it is often detrimental to you. You are not an expert! You do not know the nuances with each company. People often make this mistake. The market does a great job of commoditizing insurance, especially home and auto. Insurance is complicated, intricate and it is not all the same. Shopping on price is not a good idea. You wouldn’t buy just any home based on price alone. It must fit your needs.
  5. Often not discussed, we carry errors and omissions protection, this is a further layer of protection to you. We insure ourselves to protect you should we make a mistake that causes you a hardship.
  6. Having an independent agent is a luxury that doesn’t cost you anything! Imagine having a single person to communicate with year after year, looking after your insurance needs, and keeping you abreast of new developments in insurance.
  7. Independent agents must work hard. Most of us are small business people without large corporate marketing machines. We are often deeply rooted in our communities building strong relationships with our clients and community.
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